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Who are 80 Stone?

80 Stone Coffee Roasters was founded by two great friends that have 20 years combined expertise in the coffee industry. During those years they have greatly expanded their knowledge which includes coffee roasting, barista training, cupping, and espresso machine engineering. They also own one of the best specialty coffee in shops West London:
Chairs and Coffee.

Our espresso blends

Heavy bag espresso

This was the first blend that we developed. It produces a well-balanced, sweet yet easy to drink espresso. Comprising notes of toasted almonds, caramel and dry cocoa, followed by a delicate red apple acidity.

Brisbane single origin espresso

Our single origin espresso, that rotates seasonally, pays homage to our good friend Matt who moved back to Brisbane in 2015. Now we are using our Brazil Palmital.

1950s espresso

Our inspiration for this blend comes from our coffee roaster that was built in the 1950’s. This blend produces a more traditional espresso, it has a big body and a long chocolaty finish.

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